Thursday, December 31, 2015

On 2015

Was It A Good Year?
Honestly, yeah, pretty good, all things considered. The road to the ending has been mercilessly stressful, but I think I'll be alright.

Greatest Professional Accomplishment
This year was chock full of 'em: Moving out, the Alternative Digital Arts Festival, finishing the first draft of the FFVII book (tentatively titled Heroism Is The Labor of Sacrifice,) but probably the biggest is now being able to earn all of my rent and utilities entirely through freelance writing.

Biggest Personal Accomplishment
Coming out as agender? I guess? It feels like a non-event honestly, probably since it means identifying as a non-gendered person.

Best "Weird" Console Title
None. (Technically MGSV, but, eh.)

The Reason There Is No Best "Weird" Console Title
I'm really not sure why I held out hope for Xenoblade Chronicles X to be any good.

Best PS4 Game
Well Metal Gear Solid V is great, but it has a hot contender in Final Fantasy VII, new and improved with a no random battles feature that more easily accommodates low level runs.

Best Indie Game
We Know The Devil

Worst Game

Least Favorite Game
Xenoblade Chronicles X

Best Old Game Austin Just Played This Year
Resident Evil (2002)
Best Movie
Mad Max: Fury Road

Only Movie Austin Went Out And Saw This Year, But Fuck It

Mad Max: Fury Road

Movies Austin Managed To See Before The Year Ended He EnjoyedStar Wars: The Force Awakens

Best Metal Album
Two-way tie: M - Myrkur and The Ark Work - Liturgy

Highest Concentration of Bangers
Trivium - Silence in The Snow

Austin's One New Rap Album This Year

Travis Scott - Rodeo

Degree to Which FFVIII Improved With Age This Year
Bigger leap than in any previous year, arguably deserves some kind of "Most Improved" award.

Worst Pieces of Games Writing This Year
Tim Rogers' Bloodborne article on Gamasutra (#GamaHateReads), Frank Lantz's response to "Ludocentrism," (#GamaHateReads) but the worst without question was Phil Owen's What The Fuck Is Wrong With Videogames, which comes to us courtesy of The Year Two-Thousand And Seven.

New Year's Resolutions
Put out the book and make this the last year I don't develop a videogame. Record (and release?) the metal album I've taken the past year and a half to write. As well, take more responsibility for myself, and be aware of and uphold my responsibilities to those around me.

Destroy any doubt that I am among the best at what I do.

- Austin C. Howe, Washington and Florida, December, 2015


  1. Wasn't the book supposed to come out in December 2015 at worst? :P Well I look forward to it in any case.

    1. Definitely my biggest professional dissapointment this year was the book not coming out. The book is drafted, but in need of significant edits, which I am waiting on my publisher for. It will definitely be out in 2016.

  2. By they way, do you have some sort of critical compilation of interesting writing on Final Fantasy VII? Preferably internet stuff.