Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Quick Note About FFVIII

A friend and I were discussing Final Fantasy VIII and Cameron Kunzelman's brief and brilliant article that he wrote about it on his blog, This Cage is Worms, and I ended up saying this, the ideas occurring to me only briefly before I typed them down.

"Seriously, FFVIII, like the guy writes about, really is about loneliness and the inevitability of death and despair . . . Add that on top of the fact that, if there are constant companions, they're the [Guardian Forces], and the GFs steal your memories because of what boils down to the RAM they eat up in your head. That's a HUGE blown opportunity in every conceivable way, especially since even a cursory look at how Materia works in the previous game gives FFVII considerably greater narrative depth in relation to it's gameplay systems."

FFVIII is a game I will write about much more in the future (I'm actually a huge fan, it's my favorite game, as I said when the game came out on Steam) but I think I'll just jot this down here for now.

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